Wednesday 24 July 2013


In London, between Victoria and Pimlico, on Upper Tachbrook street is one of FARA‘s chaity shop ,Retromania‘.
One step in and it is like a Time machine.
Suddenly you are in a completaly different world.
Retromania is not an ordinary charity shop - true, it belongs to FARA but it specialises ONLY in Vintage and retro clothing.

Everything started years ago when a woman named Judy was a manager of this particular shop..
Judy, privately, had a huge passion for 40‘s and 50‘s and she started collecting everything connected with  retro style.
After yers of doing so, she realized that amount and variety of items that became in her posession was quite impressive. So she came up with idea that was accepted and given a go by head manager of Fara, to transform this shop into Retro style only.

And now, even when manager has been changed, this ecceptional place kept its Retromania soul.
You can find pieces from 40‘s, 50‘s, 60‘s even back to1900.
They are carefully selected from the all donations, everything retro goes to the shop, where it goes thru another selection.
As the assistant manager Caroline says- its like a Xmas day!

Every piece of clothing or accessory got his own history - and you can literally feel it.
The fabrics, the colours, the cuttings will take you for an exiting journey to the past.

Apart from original,off street designs which You can find there (to be honest- everything there IS unique)
You can also spot retro pieces from designers like Versace, Kenzo, Lacroix.

Downstairs is a ,men‘s department‘ - military jackets from 50‘s, shirts like from early years from Rolling Stones.

What was breathtaking for me, was the fact, that everything, every litlle decoration, every glow, every hat was perfectly displayed.
Christian- the new manager-and his team put so much heart and effort to built the fastinating atmosphere.
And they catch the retro spirit!

It‘s a perfect place for vitage clothes lovers and people who are fancy ,going back in time‘.
Perfect for fashion students, professional collectors and those ones who want to see and feel fashion history.
Perfect for everybody who is looking for unique look or those ones who are just passing by.

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  1. wow ! jak kolorowo !
    i nawet dla siebie bym coś znalazła :D
    ohhhhh London <3