Tuesday 16 July 2013

..No air..

I have read once that we are 10 months excited about 2 months of summer and when finaly we‘ve got it- we are complaining that it is too hot ;)
Well - there is some true in it ;)
It‘s hot, no wind, no air to breathe - summer in London can be sticky.

But its a perfect weather for a dress :)

This one you can find in Top Shop, Primark - or like me- in River Island.
It looks more like an oversized T-shirt then a dress (so If you don‘t want to spend money- and you have a tall boyfriend- just give him a huge kiss and borrow some t-shirt from his closet ;) )

Ideal for casual days, for meeting with friends for a very, very cold drink or even  for travelling.

During less hot days I will combined it with leggings and leather jacket.

The whole look - River Island