Monday, 28 December 2015

Dragon trainers

Couple of months ago I spotted this cool adidas originals trainers - they were black in a cool snake like texture and I thought maybe next month I would buy them. Then I forgot about them for some time and about 1 week ago I saw a guy in a tube wearing those. I knew that no matter what I have to have them! 
Obviously my size was sold out - as always- but I couldn't give up that easily! 
And I found them on eBay.. 30% more then original price but when they arrived - whoa! It was worth it! 
I just love them! 
But I swear next time I will buy straight away whatever I will like that much! 

trainers- Adidas Originals
leather jaket - Mango
knitwer vest- Bershka
backpack- Asos

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Portobello Road

A while ago we went to one of my favourite places in London - Portobello road on Nothing Hill. 
Portobello market on Saturday - you will think I'm crazy ( the amounts of people there is horrible) but only on Saturday you can buy there the best seafood from a street stand. So we are there, having shrimps in our mind, ready to fight for it and we couldn't  find it! Ok I should say that the last time when we went on Saturday to Nothing Hill was like 2 years ago. 
So we are there, panic in our eyes, disappointment is growing in our hearts and then ta dah- we found our Italian stand. Unfortunately they changed a bit, they add more food choices and unfortunately the sea food wasn't fresh prepared in huge wok like before but already made and kept warm. 
Such a shame. It's still good though, yet there is something missing from old recipe;) 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Hate it or love it - the jumpsuit

I dont really think that I have a ideal body for a jumpsuit - but when I saw this one I didnt have any doubts. 
Love the colour, love the fabric, love the look, love the feeling when I am wearing it.
Its my perfect match.

jumpsuit - Topshop
shoes - Bershka

Thursday, 29 October 2015

how to style the must have - grey maxi coat

How to style a maxi coat? 
One of my favourite pieces this autumn is my merino wool grey coat. I got it at h&m. And the best combination that goes with the coat is very simple one - oversized jumper (my second favourite- also from h&m) , leggings and trainers.
Its minimalistic, comfortable and warm. 
ESpecially when it's rainy and windy - like on this day when we took these pics. 
Favourite coat + favourite jumper + favourite trainers = favourite outfit 
Stay warm! 

( Unfortunately the jumper what I have is sold out )

Monday, 26 October 2015

Must have - grey coat

Autumn came so quickly that, like most of the people, I cought small cols. To make myself better I was web surfing to find a perfect coat. First I wanted the classic camel but somehow I didnt feel good in beige brown. My colours are black and grey and white.
So I was targeting long grey coats and I think I found the one :)
In the meantime see what I have found, few inspo photos.