Sunday, 30 March 2014

..I love Berlin!..

Holla! So the last 5 weeks I spent in Berlin. 
I was there on a business trip. It was the best time in my life! ;)
I meet so many awesome people, new friends, amazing places and 'super cool' parties :)

And on the last week my purse was stolen! No money, no documents - but at the end everything was ok and I survived ;)
Now I'm back in London. 
I love Germany, I love Berlin but the streetstyle and fashionstyle is better in London :)

coat - ASOS
shoes - NIKE
hoodie - UNIQLO
t-shirt - from BERLIN <3

Saturday, 29 March 2014

..New in..

I know I know - I wasn't here for a long time - I will explain myself in my next post :)
And now few things that are new :)

jacket - Bershka (on sale)

also Bershka

coat - ASOS

jacket - UNIQLO
(Ulstra Light Down - now it's getting warmer but the evenings are still cold. Because this jacket is so light you can wear is under your leather jacket or any jacket.)

sweatshirt - Tally Weijl

denim shirt - Bershka
(I'm denim shirt adict)

sweatshirt - Sheinside

My proud and joy ;)

shoes- H&M

bag - ALDO

and the last thing- everybody knows that I loooove skulls :)