Monday, 6 October 2014

..meeting of styles" festival

Lets make a quick break of Egypt ;) 

Graffiti is a big part of my life. 
I just love this kind of art. 
It's fresh, cool and shows different approach of every artist towards their own expression.
One of the most popular place where graffiti is part of city landscape is Shoreditch.
Once in a while, official celebration of art is organised in this area to attract artist from all over the world who come here to show their skills.

"Meeting of styles" is combination of graffiti masterpieces created in surroundings, music played by DJs and street food served to people who can enjoy this event.
Colours,sounds , smells and overall atmosphere make this place special to all art lovers and people who would like to get to know more about graffiti culture.

dress - Asos
leather jacket - ONLY
shoes - Adidas originals

Saturday, 4 October 2014

..Blue Lagoona..

It was super super windy..

ta dah!

Boring Beach at Hilton Hotel

And the worst coffee ever..and the worst drinks ever..
(BTW the best coffee in Dahab is in 'Planet cafe' - caramelatte is magnificient there!!!!)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

..Sisters in paradise...

Did you ever have someone who will love you no matter what? Who will always have your back and support you? Who will never judge you? Who will inspire you and and make you laugh? Who would be your best friend and no matter how annoying this someone can be- but only few times ;)- you cannot live without this person.
Your only one..your only true soulmate..
My soulmate
My sister :) 

bikini -  Victoria Secret
beach dress  - Asos