Sunday, 30 June 2013

..City jungle..

I'm crazy about this trousers. 
The leopard print is eye catching so for the rest of the outfit I choose black & white colours.
Sometimes less is more!

trousers - Vero Moda
top - Zara
leather jacket - ONLY
shoes - River Island

Friday, 21 June 2013

..I like the way you move..

 This summer, a maxi skirt ist a 'must have'!
 Colour of that one is absolutely stunnig! And the cutting of both of sides bring the skirt to life.
(But when its windy it can be a bit problematic ;) ).

Tee - Missguided
skirt - Bershka
shoes - Aldo

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

..Let's go for a walk!..

The good 'old' trench coat is a 'must have' in a woman closet (especially in London ;) )
When I saw Burberry coat, I fell in love with it..Since then ,thing I wanted the most was a trench coat with leather sleeves.
Finally I found the ideal one on ASOS last spring.
Leather sleeves and studs - could I be more lucky?


coat - Asos
trousers - Zara
shoes - Bershka
bag - Diverse (from Poland)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

..Black and White in the rain..

Hi guys! Today the weather is so crazy, I have a lot things to do with an upcoming project (you'll find out soon ;)) and bassicaly I'm in a cuddly-indoor mood.
So I change my working space, I moved from desk to bed wearing my old jeans (trust me- they are comforable just like sweatpants) and lovely jumper from River Island - the transparent texture and cutting on the back make me feel comfortable but also- I must admit- a bit sexy..

Jumper - River Island
Jeans- H&M
neckleace - River Island
rings - Asos

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

..Get sporty!..

 You can find sporty look not only in common shops like River Island, Zara but also in high fashion brands like Channel or DKNY.
I must admit that I adore that trend. I love mixing outfits... something looking like straight from basketball game with leather and high heels for example..:) 
And because when I adore something then I can't stop myself of buying it - and during the time of 1,5 months I have 5 sporty things :) Ta dah :)

River Island 



Soon I will publish post how you can mix sporty style with 'normal' clothing :)

some inspirations :)