Monday 28 December 2015

Dragon trainers

Couple of months ago I spotted this cool adidas originals trainers - they were black in a cool snake like texture and I thought maybe next month I would buy them. Then I forgot about them for some time and about 1 week ago I saw a guy in a tube wearing those. I knew that no matter what I have to have them! 
Obviously my size was sold out - as always- but I couldn't give up that easily! 
And I found them on eBay.. 30% more then original price but when they arrived - whoa! It was worth it! 
I just love them! 
But I swear next time I will buy straight away whatever I will like that much! 

trainers- Adidas Originals
leather jaket - Mango
knitwer vest- Bershka
backpack- Asos

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