Sunday 7 July 2013

..Anna Who? fashion...

Anna Who?
Since I remember I‘ve always been making some fashion designs.
I was ( I still am) so lucky to have my Mum, Sister and Aunt with amazing sewing skills so they always made my dreams come true.
Thank to them my pasion and desire for fashion and styling was growing.
After so many ups and downs in my life I finally found selfconfidence for creating.This new part of my life I would like to start with ,Project T-shirts‘

Designs are inspired by many things, but huge part comes from tattoos & music and ,of course, all things that are happening in my life :)
They will be ready to buy soon :)
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I‘ve put a lot of heart in this project.Hope You will like it.If you have any questions - please feel free to ask

T-shirts are made by Gas ,owner and creator of „Sampel“ Tshirt Brand (His T-shirts‘ designs are related to graffiti and hip-hop culture. More information on his Facebook profile facebook/sampel and Instagram @gasquare)

Anna Who? black

 Yeah, I know.. gray

Yeah, I know... black

 Wish it, Dream it, Do it

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