Wednesday 3 July 2013


There are so many kinds of cardigans - long or short,with pockets, buttons, waterfalls..
I have always dreamed about warm and causy one but not like 'grandma' type;) - I didn't find it yet but I'm close ;)
This cardigan is a long, aztec 'waterfall' with leather sleeves- which makes it looks more 'rocky'.
There is BUT -  because this cardigan is long at the front,it makes tall person (like myself) look a bit shorter.
So, small warning for not-so-tall people- be careful.

And the absolutely stars in this outffit are shoes.
Proper leather biker boots with studs - I couldn't have be more happy!
I found them on sale in 'Schuh' - 70%!!!!
Now I don't want to take them off!

So my small adwice- If you want to give a little 'kick' to your cardigan
combine it wit leather trousers (or leggings) and cool boots.

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