Sunday 18 August 2013


Hola Amigos!
I'm still celebrating beeing in Levi's book :)
And for this ocassion I've chosen denim shirt.
Funny thing with denim shirts.
I remember whan I was about 14 and EVERYBODY in my school have had shirt like this.
Not only at school. I'm sure that I have somwhere a pic with my Mum, Bro and me..
 and all of us are wearing denim shirt!
And now is a renessance for all kind of denim.
(about trends A/W2013/2014 soon).
This one is from ASOS Denim.
It's a bit 'oversized' what I like (in general).
whitch gives a nonchalant look.
Combined with skinny jeans and high heels gives you cool casual look
(so you don't look like a trucker).

denim shirt -ASOS
jeans- River Island
shoes - D&G
hand bag - from my Sis :)
neckleace- Bershka
watch - River Island

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