Saturday 17 August 2013


Life is full of surprises, You never know what can happen..
It was in April, when I have decided to participate In a contest organised by Levi's.
Main subject was their famous Levi's 501 trausers
What I had to do was to take an interesting picture of myself wearing those jeans, Simple, isnt?;)
So I did (CLICK HERE)and I sent it.
ALthough I did not win main prize ( which was a trip to New York or Sau Paulo), after few weeks I received an unexpected email.
It was an email from Levi's global marketing department in NYC. They loved my pics and asked me a question for which I couldnt say no. As this year, there is a 140 Anniversary of#501 Levi's first piece made, company is releasing official book showing impact and inspiration that this famous model had and was, Well, still has and still is, thats for sure as they have received thousands of pictures of famous people as well as ordinary humans from around of world;)
And I was going to be one of 501 lucky ones, chosen to be placed ( picture of course) in the book.
I almost felt from the chair. I think I read that email 5 times cos I couldn't believe it!
(I stil can't ;) )
After email conversation with Levi's representative (thank you so much for answering all my questions) I spent the time until August still in disbelieve.
And yesterday I went to Levi's shop in Regent street with really shaky legs.. 'What if it was joke and I'm not in this book' 'what if I'm there but the book is sold out' ?
(there is only 501 copies released around the world)
I went to the shop trying to be cool and ...there was the book...
I started to look page after page ( I'm sure that my heart stopped ) and there It was... pic no 115 ...with me on it;)
This is such an honor to be together with so many talented people in a book about different interpretations of legendary jeans! 

Michael Williams

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish

Wiz Khalifa

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