Sunday 11 August 2013

..Coffee time..

This Sunday I've done nothing :)
(except bloging)
Pure lazyness :)
I went to coffee shop and with an Ice-coffe in my hand,I read the newest Vogue (yep, I'm not only looking at pictures).
There is an intressting article about Pharrell Williams 'Born Lucky' and 'Rebel Rebel' about Daria Werbowy and at the end 'Listen Carefully' - touching story of Emma Ewilck-Bates hearing problem (she's Vogue's style editor).

About my outfit- very casual and uncomplicated.
Nothing can go wrong with Converse, jeans and trench coat.
Remember - you don't have to wear the lates trends to look fabolous.
A women who feel comfortable always look fashionable and amazing :)

trench coat - Asos
top - H&M
jeans- Bershka
neckleace - River Island


  1. Oh my, I find you irresistibly attractive in this pictorial. You look so fine in that coat, casual clothes, and those great chucks!! Fantastic pictures and playful poses only add to this. You are amazing. Lucky photographer.

  2. 3 a w zasadzie licząc gazetę to 4 od góry - cóż za klasa :D