Saturday 30 August 2014

.. neon nikes..

The pictures for this post has been taken a long long time ago - as well as many others in more summery time, but lack of time caused some delays in blogging.
Recently I got flu so had to spend more time in bed and finally I could post some pictures :)

The neon shoes :)
In January I've made a decision that I would start  jogging. To make myself better I bought this cool shoes so the running will be more fun for me... 
But then, somehow I couldn't imagine to go for a run in the wet London weather wearing these shoes - so most of the time my nikes and me stayed home ;) 

After big boom for Nike airmax almost everybody started to wear comfortable sport shoes. So did I. 
And the amount  of people asking me about my neon shoes was growing. 
Now with a smile on my face I can see that the Londoners know how to combine the funky shoes with everyday outfit :) and the streets don't look so sad anymore :)

When we were doing this session we went to Londoner Borough Market were I randomly pop into a organic burger/food place run by few cool polish guys :) so if you a veggie lover like me- try it!
(Unfortunately I don't have the name but they doing only veggies) 

shoes - Nike
maxi skirt - River Island
top - h&m
leather biker jacket - ONLY
bag - Reserved

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