Monday 28 April 2014

..Sandals and Sliders - summer 2014 trend...

Lately I'm looking for nice, comfortable shoes for summer.
One that I could wear with jeans, dresses - basically with everything.
One that I could wear for a walk, for lunch in a park or simply when I need to run to a grocery store around the corner - so basically for anytime.

I started checking 'first choice' shops like Asos, Topshop or River Island.
When I saw the new summer shoe trend I was like - OMG Why?
My reaction is caused by my experience years ago when I was buying lots shoes like this and I ended up  with not wearing them so I give it away.

But as is always is with fashion trends - they are always coming back.

So after my first 'OMG' thougts the next one was - ok I want something more elegant, or stylish, or funky... But then after stering ages on the silver sandals I kind off felt in love with them and know - even though I don't have them yet- I am planing with what I can wear them -  which brought me to another conclusion - I need more summer dresses ;)

Now I need to go I see how they look like on my feets and then I will decide which color do I want.
(My subconciouse has alredy decided for the silver one ;) )



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