Friday 10 May 2013

..Superman in blue high heels..

Do You often find Yourself in situation ,when You see something.. and 'Must have' light switches on in your head.. and no matter what, you have to have it?
I know the feeling- It's with me all the time.. ;)
I've had that when I saw the Superman t-shirt in Charity shop.
To buy this tee, it was an obvious thing to do :)
Who doesn't like a Superman?
And the shoes- once I walked into Zara with my dearest J - 'Hobbit' friend ;)
I pretended not to see these shoes- I wanted leave the pleasaure of buying them to the end of shopping time.
But first moment, when J saw the shoes, she run to grab them and bring them to me
(she knows me too well ;)
Colour is breath taking, and there was only one pair in my size- so the blue beauties mean to be mine!

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