Monday 6 May 2013

..Camden part 1..

Camden (London) is one of my favourite places ever!
To be there is like to be on different planet.
You can see so many interesting people with original styles.
And so many small shops- with gothic, boho or japaneesee clothing.
If you want to find something completely extraordinary - go there!
And the atmosphere- amazing!
Everybody is kind, chilled and relaxed.
Today is a Bank Holiday so I've planed to go there to buy a hat- remember always try to get the best bargain!
This hat suppose to be for a 25 but the guy said 'for you 20'.
I wanted buy it for 15. He said 18. I said 15. He said 17. I said 15 and that's it.
He wanted 17. So I left.
And surprise- in the next shop, the same hat was for 15 :)
At the end I was passing the first shop with my hat on my head and with a smile on my face, waving to guy, saying '15' :)

hat - Camden :)
jacket - ZARA
top- New Look
shoes - Aldo

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