Sunday 7 April 2013

..Classic - LEVI'S 501..

 I am dedicating this post for my Sis!

When I think about classic LEVI'S 501, the picture of Marlon Brando
in 'The Wild One' movie comes to my head.
So when I found 501 in charity shop I knew what would be the next set on my blog.

When my friend saw my pic on FB he commented 'born to be wild'.
This song is for my SIS :) 


  1. Anna is just speeding away
    thought she was Marlon Brando for a day
    then I guess she had to crash
    valium would've helped that bash
    she said "Hey babe take a walk on the wild side"
    I said "Hey honey take a walk on the wild side"

    And the coloured girls said "Doo doodoo doodoo doodoo…"

  2. And here comes the original:

    This song I had in mind when I was looking at your picuters. :-)

  3. Ähm, "pictures" of course! :-)))