Sunday 14 April 2013

..Boyfriend shirt..

First of all - WELCOME SPRING!!!
It's warm, sunny and extremeally windy!
But I didn't care- finally I could wear a blazer and not a winter jacket.
I love winter, I love when it's cold - but seeing trends for S/S 2013 I couldn't wait for winter to go away :)

In spring/sommer season 'hot' are:
-bright colours (neons as well)
- black

This is why striped mens shirt and bright red blazer were my choices for today.
I didn't want to look to smart so I combined this with jeans and vintage ADIDAS bag.

blazer - I have it for  9 years now
shirt - charity shop
jeans- Bershka
shoes - New Look
bag- Adidas, vintage


  1. Très chic, mademoiselle! J'adore le sac (you still have!). :-) One shirttail in the trousers est trés nonchalant. :-)