Saturday 20 June 2015

..skater girl..

Having an active day off is the perfect way to spend your time. Ok, sometimes I'm fed up with people (overcrowded London can be annoying) and, on my day off, I simply stay on my sofa cuddling with my cat and watching classics like 'Friends' or 'Sex and the City'.
But there are days when I need to be active.
And because now we have kinda Summer, we decided to do some roller skating.
Obviously, the skating skills are not perfect (yet) so I decided to leave my camera safe at home.
The pics are a bit dark because as soon as we arrive to park it started raining (of course...London) and after while my beautiful waves looked like an old wig.
Overall it was so much fun and it was worth it :). more more make up..

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  1. Super Aniu, bardzo podoba mi się Twój styl! Mój blog to - odwiedź mnie w wolnej chwili pzdr