Friday 9 January 2015

..naughty is the new nice..

Hola Amigos!

It's a week since we have new year :) 
saw a funny text ,that it's absolutely true,that 2013 was a practice, 2014 was a warm up and 2015 is game time! Hell yeah! 

I am ready!

And now about the outfit - faux fur absolutely dominated this winter season. 
It was everywhere- it still is. 
I was thinking about buying it long time ago - but then - with 'no risk no fun' sentence in my head I bought it. 
Probably because I was watching 'sex and the city' and I was completely in love with Carry wearing her fur for almost whole season- she looked so glamorous! 

I combined it with leather trousers and the old school Adidas. 
Red lips - to add some colour - and I'm ready for 2015!

fur - ASOS
sweatshirt - H & M
leather pants - Denimbox
shoes - ADIDAS

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  1. super całościowo, cieszę się bardzo że trafiłam na Twój blog! pzdr Adriana