Saturday 27 September 2014

..Welcome to paradise..

There is a place in Egypt where the time slows down, where you are not overwhelmed by tourists, where you can enjoy yorself and the beauty of the place, where you can bee free. 

North from Sharm el sheik , "at feet" of Sinai mountains , there is Dahab. 
They saying that the name came from the sand which turns In Gold colour ather floods. 
But  According to the Bedouin of the area, however the name "Dahab" has a different origin. When the Bedouin people came there they called it "waqaat thahaab" which translates literally to "Time Goes". This name derived from the fact that when you were there, you could easily lose track of time as the days would begin to run together. The name was then shortened to "Thahaab" but misunderstood by travelers who thought they were saying Dahab.

This amazing city is known because of the best diving places.
Being under water and seeing   all the amazing corals, beautiful species was breath taking. 

Eal garden, Lagoon, Blue hole, Mooreen garden, Canion, Islands and Caves, there are only few of plenty famous places to dive in Dahab. 

But I didn't fall in love in this place only because the underwater world but mainly because of the atmosphere of Dahab and the people. 
People who struggle a lot with tough life.
The tourism is not that good at the moment and you can see empty resorts and unfinished hotels looking like skeletons on the deserd.

But most of the times You still see smiling faces with a lot of positive vibes. 
I felt there like I was at home. 

shorts - Bershka
shirt - H & M
shoes and bag - Top shop

An empty restaurant

Dancing Queens :)

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