Sunday 12 January 2014

..The Parka..(and The Butler)

Today about the parka.
Warm, comfortable and very fashionable jacket.
I needed some warm, long jacket with a hoodie so last November I started to looking for the perfect one.
The problem with parkas is that it's very popular and almost everybody got it.
So I decided to have a different colour than khaki/green and I found this one in Uniqlo.
It's big, warm and not green! (but Uniqlo got green one for sale as well ) and it was on promotion ;)

Another thing what I wanted to reccomend today is a movie... 'The Butler'
Who didn't see yet - have to see it!
Amazing, interesting, touching.
And the cast- W O W.
These days most of the movies are the same- a competition who gonna have the best special efects, fast action, etc.
I have nothing against that but It's a good thing to watch something made in 'old school' style, where characters are actually saying something, where the story is going somewhere, where human being are human being with emotions, problems.
It's very refreshing to watch a movie like that ;)

Parka - Uniqlo 
jumper- H&M
cap, leggings - River Island

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